Save The Life of Pawan 11 Feb

Save The Life of Pawan

Everybody want happiness more precisely
lasting memorable moments and we all
have them in our life as there is a old saying
Be happy like a mark on stone not like
mark on water. Serving others without any
reason could leave a mark on their life like
a Mark of stone and it’s our hoie what
kind of marking we want in our life.
A parent will always find their happiness on
their child face, unlike Dinesh Chand whose
child was struggling everyday for his for life
and wouldn’t able that happiness on his
ward face. A 5 year old Pawan who was
suffering from heart disease of hole in
heart in a place like Firojabad in Agra, Uttar
Dinesh child father works as a labor have to arrange daily basics for the family of 6
members which includes 4 children with his wife. About the pawan’s condition he
comes to know when his sudden loosing senses while playing indicate to this
disease. Since 2012 he and his family was roaming around different hospitals for
his son, taking the medicines from last 2 years.
On monitoring his day by day deteriorating condition doctors from AIIMS
suggested for an urgent operation with a cost of Rs 52000/- which excludes the
medicines cost which may vary from 5 to 8 thousand.
Dinesh child’s father approaches the Save The Girl NGO through the mouth to
mouth promotion in AIIMS, as its being very long time our NGO is associated in
such case. On the looking the genuine case Save The Girl consider the case and
made his father belief about the NGO support by consulting him with the earlier
case in which STG had provided the helping hand earlier.
Save The Girl foundation requested their donor to come forward in this case and
be a part of this Nobel work. STG appealed to their donors to come forward with
open heart to leave a time proof mark on the child’s life and make yourself proud
to be a part of such case. And the same happened when Save The Girl successfully
raised the funds for pawan get the treatment done on time and saved the Life of