Support Required for COVID-19 Relief Program by – Save The Girl

About the Covid-19 Relief Program

Save The Girl has converted two of its non formal education centers in slum areas of  Gurgaon into godowns for storing essential rations to the slum dwellers in the area. The team aims to distribute drt ration kits including a bag of:

  1.  2 kg Dal
  2.  10 Kg Atta, 
  3. 1 L Kachi ghani oil
  4. Soaps
  5. 1 kg Sugar
  6. 0.5 kg Tea
  7. Biscuits


Geographies to be covered: Gurgaon, Haryana


Number of lives to be impacted: 2000+

As this relief program requires urgent support so we have already utilised all our reserves on this and have already helped more than 250 families by providing Ration Kits. We are seeking your support to reach every needy family nearby our project and help them with a ration kit.
In addition to this we are also providing daily lunch and dinner to 100 children on a daily basis. 

Support Required for COVID-19 Relief Program by - Save The Girl

Some pictures of distribution drive drive

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OUR CORRESPONDENCE OFFICE ADDRESS: SAVE THE GIRL 89, HOUSING BOARD SOCIETY, NR. YADUVANSHI SCHOOL, SEC. 33, GURGAON-122003M-6, Plot No. B-1/2, Bhanot Bhawan, Nani Wala Bagh Commercial Complex, Azadpur, Delhi-110033