Educational Projects

Save The Girl (STG) Foundation has set up the Project to give education to poor & needy children. These are the children whose parents/guardians are no more and they are totally helpless. We (STG) arranged education for such type of Children in ASK Public School, I-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi.
We are expecting some help from you for these helpless children so that we and you together can give the educated breed to India.


Few years back, a family headed by Lakhender Singh, they lived happily in Punjab but after sometime suddenly Lakhender Singh met with an accident and died, who was alone bread earner in the family. He has two small daughters. Lakhender’s family had no other source of income. His wife was unable to nurture her daughters and could not educate them.
Then their uncle took the beleaguered family with him and took the responsibility of educating the children but after sometime he refused to continue further with this family and expressed his unwillingness to support the family.
But as we know if God wishes something then that has to happen. The well noted NGO “Save The Girl” came as second life for the family. The NGO not only financially aided the family but also took the expenditure of educating both girls from a well recognized school in Delhi. The family which was ramshackled by the death of Lakhender Singh and was fighting for their survival is reinforced by the NGO “Save The Girl” and is living comfortable life. The family is grateful and expresses deep thanks to NGO who helped the family to come out from trauma and acquire a healthy living. We NGO family feel pleasure and proud to help the needful people.


We have one of these children name Raghni studying in 5th class, her father Sanjeev Jha is Pandit in a small Hindu temple. They are 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Sanjeev Jha has no income source other then the temple and he gets Rs. 4000 – 5000 very toughly from the temple. He is not able to provide education to his children. So he decided to not continue education of their children. But then he comes to Save The Girl seeking help and then We decided to provide education to his children.STG foundation requesting you to come forward and help this girl, Raghni, for continuing her Education.Save The Girl Foundation requested you to come forward and help us to do something for such type of children.

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