We only have what we give! 11 Feb

We only have what we give!

Miracles do Happen, You have got to Believe First!!



Our NGO Save The Girl believes that gratitude begins in our hearts and then dovetails into behavior.



Today we are pleased to inform you that our NGO has saved life of Priya Kumar, a 9-month- old girl.


Priya Kumar, daughter of Sunil Kumar who is a farmer by profession and makes a meagre 3-4 thousands a month had a bloated head which seemed unusually big. Doctors in Varanasi advised Sunil to take Priya to AIIMS in Delhi immediately where the doctors confirmed that Priya had Hydrocephalus and suggested the family to get Priya operated by 15th January , 2018. They were informed that the surgery would cost around Rs 35,000/-. Having spent all their income and savings to meet the tests expenses, Kumar’s family was left helpless and it was then that they contacted us. During those hard times, our NGO provided them with both emotional and financial support along with our humble donors who came forward to save Priya’s life. Today Priya is slowly recovering and as of now is in a healthy state and is living happily with her family.


In the end, our message to our readers is that it’s not the amount of money that matters but the intentions and goodwill.