“Helped a 11 Months Child..”

We encounter numerous change during our life span, that changes may create
boom of new ways or can come out as
an curse which extinct the every
w. A ’
controlled by human, what we can do is
to make a way for us to fight out or
help other and making capable others
to face them. Here Save The Girl has
come forward to help a child Sumant in
a fight of his survival.
India is place where a math teacher
Ram Chander in UP find himself unable
to operate his child from a life taking
disease of hole in heart. Ram Chander
who teaches under 5th class in a private
school of UP earns an amount of 1500
Rs of month, which was next to nothing
for survival in ’ scenario.
Life of the family completely changes when the son of the family was fighting for
his survival & continuous fever, vomiting and enhancing weakness to
deteriorating his heath day by day. Soon the medical test revealed the huge
mountain is standing with a deadly heart disease.
As per AIIMS doctors the estimated cost of operation was Rs. 70,000/-. A
person who earns less than Rs.20,000/- annually, arranging a huge amount by
him was next to impossible with such financial conditions in which he had to
arrange basic requirements for his family. The only option what he had to wait
and let his child die, the enormous difficult think what a parent can do.
But the sun has to rise with every dark, soon during the various tests which his
son wa AIIM, ’ .
Chandar approaches us for help.
After investigation of case authentication we accepted the case and agreed to
help. Mare saying yes to help, would not make everything done. We at our
organization completely depended upon the funds which we receive from our
prestigious donors. If their support was not with us, then we seriously does not

making this possible and providing a right direction to their help. Therefore this
was a request to all donors to come forward and help a new life and give them a
chance to live his life once again. And our Donors did not step backed for
helping Sumant. They all jointly supported Sumant which results in saving a life
of Sumant.