Saved The Life of Mir Adnan 11 Feb

Saved The Life of Mir Adnan

Economy of India is improving day by day & will continue developing with every
effort. Having a population of more than 125Cr. but ironically only 8 to 9 Cr. of
peoples are there to majorly contributing in total economy growth, then what
about the other?
Actual reality check will come across when we confront the real backward class
not in terms of their cast either they are OBC or SC & ST, but on the basis of
environment they living. Way of their livelihood. On one hand there pathetic
condition of their surrounding and food they have. If they suffered from any
disease that will make their life a bitter curse. Like a child Mir Adnan suffering
from cancer.
A 10 yr old child Mir Adnan from Jammu Kashmir is suffering from a deadly
disease Blood cancer. Which is itself diagnosed 3 months ago in Indraprastha
Apollo Hospital in New Delhi. When regular blood vomiting making his case even
critical, Child of 3rd class who has a dream to study further changes to a life taking
Son of a farmer with a family of 6 members, who hardly able fulfill their basic
requirements were asked to arrange an amount of Rs-30,000 in every month for
this continue chemotherapy for 6 months. According to doctors a total of 8 to 10
Lakh will be the total expenditure of the complete cure. The family has leave
complete hope of its survival till SAVE THE GIRL foundation come across the case.
Child father Gulam Ahmed Mir himself contacted STG foundation for the help. On
considering the case as genuine, we accepted the case. Now STG appeals to its all
donor to consider this case like always. This time the amount is very high and time
is very less. Therefore consider is condition and come forward to be a part of such
a noble cause.
Be a donor to live even after your death, by giving life to someone when he needs
the most.

Mir Adnan had been successfully completed its course of chemotherapy. Small
life has crossed the huge bridge of cancer & taken a step ahead toward his new
life. Full amount of his treatment has been given by STG. Yes case was
challenging in terms of its amount had crossed successfully. The cumulative
effort by the donors and STG has proven to its worth and given a child his new
life. Whole team of Save the Girl has given an open hearted thanks to all the
donors who so ever has helped Mir for fighting against Cancer.