Case of Mrs. Meena Sonar 11 Feb

Case of Mrs. Meena Sonar

As the motto of our organization is to provide the tool to rewrite his/her own destiny to the needed one, Once again through the donation which our member made for holy cause proved worth, as our Organization SAVE THE GIRL provided help to a women, with disgraceful financial conclusion suffering from Brain Tumor (Abnormal Growth of cells within the brain or inside the skull).

Name : Meena Sonar
Age : 32 years
Husband Name : Mr. Laxman Sonar

As from the out sources when SAVE THE GIRL came to know about the drastic situation of her family. We are the one to take initiative for the same. We contact the family through our volunteers and study the detailed situation of
the family and decided to take the initiative. Considering her situation SAVE THE GIRL has developed new mission “Mujhe Jeena Hain” for her treatment.

Closure :-

On 13th May, 2013 Gamma Knife Procedure/Therapy (which is costed Rs. 75,000, paid by Save The Girl) of Mrs. Meena Sonar has been done by doctors successfully and after the successful Treatment of Meena Sonar. After recovery She is expressing her blessings for Save The Girl and all its Donors.