We have Given a Smile to Naina Posted February 11, 2016 by Ankit


Everyone one in the world wants to smile, perception of smile can be
different for everyone. Some people smile to express their feeling,
some smile to express other’s feeling &
some smile after being the reason of
other’s smiles. Save The Girl is the one
with the support of his donors has come
up as a moderator for the smile of those
who no more has a reason for that.
This time two year old little girl Naina is
in search of smile to make her life like
other children enjoying but having a hole
in heart is not letting her live life with
Her father Yogesh is fighting for her life from last one year. Her father
who worked as a worker in HI-MECH INDUSTRIES in Faridabad from
many years with a current earning of Rs 7,000/- a month, with that they
hardly could arrange their house rent and basic requirement.
His all savings had been already used in her treatment from one last
year and even he has taken loan of Rs.27000/- from his company for
various test and her daughter’s treatment.
As Save The Girl come across the situation and came forward to help
her with back support of his valuable donors.
This is to bring to your information that altogether effort to save the
girl Naina is proved to be worth and bring proud for all of us. As Baby
Naina is successfully operated at AIIMS Hospital last month. As Save the
Girl earlier says that “We as SAVE THE GIRL foundation knows that
nothing can be greater than being a reason for other smile & even in
this case saving others life.”
Two year old little girl Naina who is in search of smile to make her life
like other children enjoying but having hole in heart is not letting her to
have that smile. but now that small girl would be able to do that. Her
father’s one year struggle now comes to happy ending.
Helping hand of NGO & donors yielded a new shine in her life. With
Best Regards And Thanks from Save The Girl Team and little girl Angle.