Preeti is Alive because of Our Supporters’s Help 11 Feb

Preeti is Alive because of Our Supporters’s Help

Human is the only creature of God who can understand the feelings of other
and help others in their needs.
Moving on the path we are heading towards the same, with our donor who
actually appreciate the creation of God by understanding the problem of
others & step forward to reforms others life with there donations.
3 months old Preeti from Swatantra Nagar, Narela, Delhi is suffering from hole
in heart.
(a hole in heart is a type of simple congenital heart defect-a problem with heart
structure which means that there is a defect in the walls between two of the
heart & chamber)
From her birth She had been tested to the limit of her endurance. Even from
her birth she was under the same test without three fingers of her right foot.
Her mother Leela is working as a helper in a Pvt. Company. Her father Mr.
Naveen Kumar was a factory worker, with their financial conditions things
Project Swasthya -SAVE THE GIRL
would have gone even worse, when his father was been terminated from his
As if parents were the only support in every one’s life who can sacrifice every
piece of their skin for their word. So as her parents are doing.The estimated
amount for her operation was Rs.52,000/-. Race is against time for her and her
parents had complete hope from SAVE THE GIRL ngo and there donors.
On 25th September at AIIMS Baby Preeti had been operated succefully. And the
total cost of surgery was Rs. 62,000 which was paid by Save The Girl.
Now she is recovering very fast. A little angle is breathing all because of donors
whose helping hand had came forward to gave her new life.