Case of Visakha. (26-06-2014) 11 Feb

Case of Visakha. (26-06-2014)

Era of revolution in medical science made us not only aware about
deadly diseases but provided a path to cure them. The path which is
provided by them is suitable for curing but not bearable by everyone
in terms of financial condition.
Same Situation was with 9 and half year old girl Vishakha , who was
living with tetrology of fallot (cyanotic congenital heart disease)
which requires intercardiac repair in a common language, an open
heart surgery.
As the consequence of same her body was circulating an extra
amount of blood then required which is developed by her body.
According to doctor approximately 350grm of extra blood was
produced by her body in two days which has to be extracted
regularly. This quantity would be increasing as her body grows and
blood pressure would also increase at same level and ultimately
danger of her life will keep on growing with every day.
Being a child of a labour she was not that fortunate to get a
treatment by her family, which is already starving for one day meal.
Her mother and father both are contractual construction labour.
She was being treated in B.Y.L Nair CH. Hospital, Mumbai. Estimated
cost of her operation given by the doctors was Rs.55,000/- excluding
Save The Girl was asking to their prestigious donors to come forward
and become a part of this case, so let collectively bring our hand
forward to her help her and give her another new life to live for.
And after the efforts of many days we have submitted the amount to
the hospital.