Case of Heart Patient Mona 11 Feb

Case of Heart Patient Mona

In the long span of life everyone
experienced to choose between two
ways such that in either of ways
nothing is in your hand & only thing
you can do is pray for the favorable
output. This time SATISH is orbited in
situation with no resources to save his
wife’s and his father’s life.
Satish belonging to Village Sanoora in Uttar Pradesh is the husband
of heart patient MONA whose vanes in the arteries of heart are
blocked as confirmed by the Doctors in AIIMS Hospital. Enormously
agonizing chest pain and red vomiting is the result of blocked vanes.
Aggravation of her health is in race with time.
According to doctors in this type of cases of vanes blockage in
arteries there are two possible ways for her treatment. In which first
includes pumping of blocked vanes in arteries but this is a case of
indeterminate success i.e. probability of successful treatment is of
50% otherwise there is 50% probability of vanes bursting which
would continue with a major heart operation. Cost of operation is 1
Lacks excluding the (20K-30K) cost of medicines.
Satish approaches Save The Girl for help who is currently living in
Delhi with his wife & along with two children. He is financially not in
state to take such risk on the life of his wife. He had already lost his
job because he was with of his wife for checkups. He has last hope to
have support from Save The Girl if anything goes wrong.