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Have you ever felt helpless in not being able to save a loved one’s life? We are sure that no

one wants anyone in that position and every one would help anyone in that position. Save The Girl is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) that makes sure that no one feels helpless whena loved one is in need of financial and emotional support. Today we give you a unique opportunity to stand by 9-month- old Priya in a time of need.


Priya is the daughter of Sunil Kumar. She has one more beautiful twin brother. Sunil a farmer by profession makes a meagre 3-4 thousand a month. Kumar Family hails from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Since birth Priya’s head seamed bloated and unusually big. So, Sunil took her to a hospital in Varanasi. Doctor’s there ran various expensive tests such as CT scan and finally came to know that Priya has Hydrocephalus. In layman’s terms she has water in her brain. Doctors in Varanasi also advised Sunil to take Priya to AIIMS, Delhi immediately.


After hearing this news Kumar family died from inside but they didn’t lose their hope and brought Priya to AIIMS. Here Dr. confirmed that Priya has Hydrocephalus and suggested to operate as soon as possible. Doctor told that the surgery will have to be done by 15th November and that surgery will cost around 35,500 rupees. But Kumar family had already spent all their savings in keeping up with expenses so far.


So, after losing all the hope, Kumar family contacted us. We provided them with emotional

support and as much financial support as we could independently provide. So, far Kumar

family and we have been holding tight, but we are not sure how long can Priya take. She constantly cries and her head is continuously growing bigger.


It is now that Kumar family is in dire need of money to save Priya. As Kumar family is in no state to bear the cost of treatment we come to you for help. So, as we talked in the beginning, it is now time thatpeople like you and us step up and fulfill our moral responsibility. We know the amount is big, but remember ‘BoondBoond Se Sagar Banta Hai’.


So, we deeply urge you to donate as much as you can and as soon as you can to save a life.

Saving a life will not only make your conscience a bit lighter but you will also never be able

to undo the fact that you saved someone’s life. In the end, it’s not the amount of money

that matters but intentions and goodwill that matter. It is now our chance to give others

what we didn’t have in the form of emotional and financial support.


So, we hope that we were able to get our message to you and you donate as soon as

possible and as much as possible not just in money but also in kind.



Save The Girl