Our Projects

1. Educational Projects:

Save The Girl (STG) Foundation has set up the Project to give education to poor & needy children.  These are the children whose parents/guardians are no more and they are totally helpless.  We (STG) arranged education for such type of Children in ASK Public School, I-Block, Jahangirpuri, Delhi.  Read More
2. Health Project: The name of the Health Project is Swasthya.
About The Project:In India more than 1000 women are died because of not getting good treatment of their disease like complications in their pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, cancer, T.B., tumor, etc. this data is only of women , if we see overall (Men & women) statistics then more than 25,000 daily cases are recognized. To reduce it we will provide health facility to poor & needy persons for their treatment so that this will not happen with them. Read More
3. Current Projects:
Currently we are handling a project of a child Mir Adnan. We are arranging funds to save the life of Mir.
10 yr old child Mir Adnan from Jammu Kashmir is suffering from a deadly disease Lung cancer. Which is itself diagnosed 3 months ago in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.. Read More