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In India more than 1000 women are died because of not getting good treatment of their disease like complications in their pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, cancer, T.B., tumor, etc. this data is only of women , if we see overall (Men & women) statistics then more than 25,000 daily cases are recognized. To reduce it we will provide health facility to poor & needy persons for their treatment so that this will not happen with them.


In beginning will try to identify at least 50 cases and will try to provide them quality treatment of their disease. As this go ahead we will try to identify and help more children.


In beginning of the project whole North India will be covered. But as project get success in these area project will be extended to other part of the country.

Real Story of Meena Sonar

As the motto of our organization provokes to provide the tool to rewrite his/her own destiny to the needed one, Once again through the donation which our member made for holy cause proved worth, as our Organization SAVE THE GIRL provided help to a women, with disgraceful financial conclusion suffering from Brain Tumor (Abnormal Growth of cells within the brain or inside the skull).

Name : Meena Sonar

Age : 32 years

Husband Name : Mr. Laxman Sonar

Survivor MEENA SONAR belong to Mumbai, lives with her husband in Delhi working as a peon and has three children who hardly able to arrange the basic necessity. Initially she came to know about her disease of tumor through one of the most famous Government hospital SAFDERJUNG and by whom later her case was referred to AIIMS.

This news created basement in her family and left her family to choose either her survival or to arrange their basic need of her family.

As from the out sources when SAVE THE GIRL came to know about the drastic situation of her family. We are the one to take initiative for the same. We contact the family through our volunteers and study the detailed situation of the family and decided to take the initiative. Considering her situation SAVE THE GIRL has developed new mission “Mujhe Jeena Hain” for her treatment.

As in today atmosphere, an operation of BRAIN TUMOR require thousands of money which is followed with pre examination tests are necessary such as X-Rays, CT Scan, Chemo Therapy Test etc. performed which on all require a sum of Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,50,000/-. Along with support of your valuable donation we tried to introspect the situation, the way it should move ahead.

On 13th May, 2013 Gamma Knife Procedure/Therapy (which is costed Rs. 75,000, paid by Save The Girl) of Mrs. Meena Sonar has been done by doctors successfully. and after the successful Treatment of Meena Sonar she is recovering very fastly and express her blessings for Save The Girl and all Donors.

We can provide help to more persons with your help. Save The Girl Foundation requested you to come forward and contribute as much as you can for needy persons like Mrs. Meena Sonar.


Save The Girl is a registered NGO under Indian Trust Act, 1882. For continuation & extension of our projects we are completely dependent on Individuals & corporate.


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